Application Maintenance & Support

IIRS’s Application Maintenance, management and Support Services help reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your application through knowledge management, offshore leverage, and application advancement solutions. Our services begin with remedial maintenance that evolves into adaptive, preventive, and enhancement activities.

Corrective Measures, Services
Provide continual support and instantaneous fixes to correct any non-funtional feature of your application portfolio.

Adaptive Measures Services
Provides new and inovatinve approach for technology initiatives to better address your business needs, without affecting business continuity.

Perfective Measures Services
Performs root-cause analysis to identify, in-turn design and implemen permanent solutions to critical issues, in order to fix problems at their origin.

IIRS also provides Augmentation services and contributes to technology invotation and
initiatives, to provide the support required by organizations to perform in changing business scenarios.