A B2B platform for conducting online negotiations that leverage upon the centralized industry knowledge bank and optimize the disposal objectives of the clients. E-disposals help in eliminating the curse of distance between the buyers and sellers and increase transparency .

Effective disposal of written down assets, waste and scrap is a routine affair that happens in corporate or the government departments across the world. While the disposal itself is simple, the process poses several challenges to both the buyers and the sellers. Availability of complete information about the assets and their respective location is a key challenge. Inadequate information may signal inappropriate availability and affect the interest of buyers. Incomplete information also affects the buyer ability to plan for lifting and collating the material and gain economies of scale. Another challenge is bringing enough number of buyers to allow right competition and discover the right price. For the Buyers, while information is a key area, aggregating supply and managing effective logistics is a key challenge. IIR Solutions’s disposal platform (forward auction) helps in aggregating the departments or offices which carry the same asset, valuing the age of the asset, and also help in replacing the asset.
IIR Solutions collects all the information regarding the location and necessary information regarding the asset that needs to be disposed. The buyers are listed and registered with complete input on the buyer details. The registration fees are charged online via payment gateways or offline by DD, based on the client preference. The vendor details can be verified at any point of time by the authorized and all the documents uploaded by the vendor could be accessed. IIR Solutions uploads the catalog with the product specifications such as image, quantity and the initial price. The seller has an option to approve the buyers listed, decide the minimum increment price between bids and the event schedule. IIR Solutions monitors the complete auction event and provides a report to the client after the closure of the event. IIR Solutions ensures the refund of EMD to non successful bidders, sales order generation to the successful bidder, sales order preparation, balance settlement report and receipt of delivery intimation.
IIR Solutions forward auction brings together the buyers sellers located across the country and discover the right price for the goods. The auctions help in reaching economies of scale and bring in transparency across the whole process. This ensures that the stakeholders involved can make better decisions when it comes to choosing the vendor and achieve more savings.

Aggregation of demand and supply onto a single platform.
Achieve economies of scale, Helps in increasing the purchasing power
Save on transportation costs and eliminate middle men
Gain better prices on sale of assets
Validated and approved list of vendors, adherence to environmental guidelines
Better management of asset replacement
Asset-wise information which speeds up the searching process
Better re-sale value for the assets