An electronic tendering platform that facilitates the complete tendering process from the advertising of the requirement to the placing of the contract. In simple form, it is an online process of traditional tendering, which uses internet as media.

Manual tendering is a very tedious process resulting in extra effort, time and cost to company in sourcing their management needs.

There is often lack of transparency and inefficiencies due to lot of documentation and verification issues involved and the legal compliances make the job complex.

There is a need for centralised and automated process which will leave little scope for allowing fake bids, or last minute entry of bidder , based on political or bureaucratic will.

IIR Solutions eTender can be used to make process faster, via an internet platform. It also overcomes problems that were in traditional tendering such as inability of the supply to meet the needs, duration of all process of e-tendering and price fixing.

IIR Solutions e-tendering system is a dynamic web based application designed to provide an effective solution in terms of effort, cost, quality, compliance and security for all levels of organizations, be it SME, Private or PSU. Like any traditional tender process, organisations will be able to share the RFQs, submit multiple supporting documents and provide an efficient platform in tender reviewing and awarding. Our system is built in an optimized environment for the users to operate from minimum configuration IT infrastructure.

IIR Solutions e-tendering is an internet based solution. Suppliers will be able to register themselves to participate in the tenders and also monitor the status online thus maintaining transparency in the process. Our eTender system has integrated features to comply with the internal processes of the corporate’s along with the Legal, Regulatory and statutory guidelines like Central Vigilance, Indian IT Act 2008 etc. which would ensure secure transactions.

The entire bidding process, including registration, coding, bid opening, evaluation and awarding of contract, is conducted online. We provide web based platform for Open/Limited tenders and single/two stage bidding. Firstly NIT and Corrigendum are digitally signed by approver.Technical and commercial documents are digitally encrypted by the buyer digital certificate and signed by vendor digital certificate. Digitally encrypted bids are decrypted only with the respective buyer digital certificate upon maturity of the bid opening date. Online communication facility between vendors and buyer is available and the same is recorded for auditing purposes. MIS, dashboards and customized tender committee reports and awarding are all available in our system.

Customers using IIR Solutions eTender system benefit from

User Friendly platform to facilitate fair and open tendering process
Competitive pricing with a pool of potential suppliers.
SaaS based platform to reduce total cost of operation by eliminating handling and processing cost.
Automated traditional tendering system with 100% compliance to legal & regulatory acts.
Transparency and cost savings.
Reduction of tender cycle-time
Fast, accurate pre-qualification and evaluation. Improved quality of tender specification and supplier response
Reduction in the labour intensive tasks
Faster response to questions